College Management System

  • Keen to Automate your college and office administration
  • Make your office Paper Less
  • Provide unique experience to Students, Staff and Parents
  • Save Man Power and resources
  • Concentrate on providing quality education and not on administrative tasks
  • e-Vidya-College Management Software:
    After on extensive research on vorious practices undertaken by leading institutions and 8 years experience of developing softwares only for colleges, iBizz Technologies has developed an educational ERP System"e-vidya-The College Managment System ". It will improve the way the colleges ore managed.

    The software circumferences around all operations of college administration in department wise modules as described below in a central database and integrated approach. Management and Administrators can retrieve real-time information and view performance of staff and student online.

    This system will help your institute to:
  • Reduces Paper Work, Improve Work Efficiency and Save Time.
  • Relieves Academic Staff from administrative work load.
  • Eliminates work duplication.
  • Help institution's President, Principal and Registrar in making vital executive desicions.
  • Parents, Students & Staff will not be required to wait for more than One Minute for any services from offices.
  • To transfer your institute into an ideal institute in the area.
  • Product Overview
    e-Vidya-College Management System is more than just another latest technology solution. We have incorporated best of all functionalities needed for excellence in management of an educational institution. The system is being distributed in various plug & play modules.
    CMS is offered in different variants, which contain the modules and utilities as per functionality and budgetary cost of implementation of solution.

              Choose what you want now...
    add modules later as your college needs
    The List of modules is as follows :
    Admission Student Certification & Staitiscal Reports Fee/Cash Collection Financial Accounting
    Attendance Examination Establishment Paybill
    Document Management Time Table Campus Placement Icard
    Industrial Training Alumni Scholarship Extra Curricular
    Syllabus Contact Management
    Visitor Management/ Reception Feedback SMS Integration Website
    Transportation Hostel

    The selection of edition and variant depends on per users’ exact needs and module requirements and advancement strategies.

    Module Architecture
    Unique features of our Product:
  • The only ERP available in market to cover functionality of every department of college
  • 25 different modules
  • 500 different types of reports
  • Graphical analysis of students and teachers performance
  • Extremely User friendly
  • Password facility, Backup & Restore functionality to ensure high level of security
  • Centrally managed, server based application by storing information at only one point
  • Detailed User Manual & Online help
  • Web Enabled Software
  • Product Details
    The brief details of modules are listed here:

    Students Management Module: Maintains personal and academic information for every student used for generation of Students General Register and various certifications like: Bonafide, Expenditure, Character, Leaving/Transfer, Class wise and category wise registers etc. Various statistical reports, ICard and government reports can also be printed out

    Fees Collection Module: Prints Cash Receipts, advances or Bank Challans as per collection procedure. Tracks Students Fees pending / outstanding dues as per different headings, provides summary reports of outstanding dues of students, generates student ledger.

    Financial Accounting Module: Creates daily Fee/ Fine Collection vouchers automatically, Enters cash and bank receipts / payments vouchers, Contra Entry Vouchers, Journal Vouchers, prints reports like cheque register, Cash Book, Day Book, General Ledger, Bank book reconciliation, Trial Balance, Income and Expenditure statements and Balance Sheet.

    Payroll Management Module: Calculates monthly Net payable as per Pay Scale and Grade Pay for teaching and non-teaching staff. Prepares the paysheet report as per Allowances & Deductions norms. Prepares various submissions forms to concerned authorities for sanction & government agencies.

    Students Attendance Module: Keeps track of attendance of all Students in various subjects and practical. System reports attendance percentage Class wise, Subject wise and Teacher wise as required for analysis. Identifies / Notifies students with shortfall of attendance.

    Campus Placement Module: Schedules and organizes Campus interviews as per procedures and selection criteria. Maintain students performance in Written, Group discussion, Personal Interviews conducted. Maintains record and generates reports of Campus placement student wise, stream wise and company wise.

    Establishment Module: Manages personal information of Teaching and Non-teaching staff, qualification details, Experience details, Joining date details, promotion dates, university approvals, Service record, applicable pay scales, Staff pay details, leave status, extracurricular activities, etc.

    Stores Management: System is built on the concept of Central Store and Departmental store. Department, student and staff can indent their requests that can be approved by authorities like HOD, Registrar, Principal, etc. System maintains issue, receipt and write-off record of various stores items. Raises purchase Order, generate comparative statement. Generates the item lists for physical verification. Allocates items to Dead Stock register.

    Scholarship Module: Maintains enrollment of students in various Scholarship schemes. Checks Scheme sanctions, Undertakes disbursement, generates utilization certificate, tracks scholarship fund flow, etc.

    Document Management: Manages the Inward and Outward Communication of administration section. Updates reply status, Maintains postal expenses.

    For entire list of modules and its details please contact iBizz Technologies
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